"Harry sat down on his bed and grabbed Errol’s package, ripped off the brown paper, and discovered a present wrapped in gold, and his first ever birthday card.

Happy Birthday, Harry James Potter! (31/07/1980)

(Art by Mary GrandPré)

vanityr101 asked:
In Fight Club the Narrator has Tyler Durden as its Alter Ego. What about yourself? Is it tyler or do you have another? If so. Share with us?


Secret:  In college, when I wanted to drink and raise hell, I told people my name was ‘Nick.’  That way, if anyone phoned, looking for ‘Nick’ I’d know it was bad news.  I’d tell them, “Nick is dead.”

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This war is finally over!

Film meme: [1/5] Biopics

La Bamba 

Even if it kills you to be just friends, if you really care about someone, you’ll take the hit.